The Bethany Lutheran Choir
meets 4:30 on Thursday Evenings
September - May
in the Choir Room

So many beautiful anthems, expressing our Savior's love
are waiting . . . to be shared with others.
The unity of voices in the Bethany Choir
not only move 
those who hear His Word through song,
but for those who serve the Lord in this ministry
are forever moved in a most profound way

Come join in and celebrate the joy of singing 
in this special ministry that expresses God's love . . .

If you have an instrumental talent
(piano, flute, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, etc.)
there may be a special place for you as well!

A note from the director . . .

Your Musical Talents . . .Your Desire To Serve

Musically you would like to serve the Lord . . .
but not exactly know where you fit in
or even if you fit in?

You may have already asked yourself . . .

What is the importance of music
during the worship service at Bethany?

What kind of music would serve the needs
for those who worship at Bethany?

Is the Lord calling me
to praise His name through music?

You love to sing, but . . .
you can't read music or . . .
you think the music is going to be way too hard, or . . .
you don't always sing the right pitches, or . . .
you don't know what vocal part you sing, or . . .
 you are intimidated if others hear you sing, or . . .
you think that you don't sing good enough, or . . .
you that that you sing better than everyone else, or . . .
you don't want to take more time from your week . . 

There is still a special place for you!
If the Lord is truly calling you to serve Him
by belting out His Word and Message through song,
then it is with the Bethany Choir that you belong.