Last Tuesday morning, I stopped by Room A at Bethany Lutheran Church of Norway to check on the Cover Girls and to find out more about their quilt ministry.  Eleanor Gustavson has been faithfully tying and sewing quilts with the Cover Girls for many years.  Martha Cheney and Karen Lincoln drive in every Tuesday from Laona, WI to join Eleanor, Connie Swanson and newest member Sue Raiche.

The girls were busy tying fabric and quilt batting with colored yarn that accented the colors of the fabric of two quilts laid out in front of them, ready for Eleanor to take home and sew the edges.  They showed me the closet across the hall that holds all of their supplies and the many completed quilts stacked and categorized by color and theme, perfect for the one who receives it.  The girls remarked how wonderful the new handicap accessible church facility is, with lots of room to quilt and store their items.

Over 136 quilts have been made since last August, ready to be given in love for special occasions such as Baptisms, Confirmation, and Graduation.  Quilts are also provided for those in need in nursing homes, the hospital, and women’s shelter.  Ever year, the Cover Girls provide quilts to Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp in Crystal Falls for their annual fall quilt auction. 

The Cover Girls are always in need of monetary donations to purchase material, batting, yarn and other quilting items.  Sue remarked that quilt batting has gone up in price, so they wait to purchase an entire bolt when 50 percent coupons are available.  Donations of prints and coordinating solid cotton and flannel fabrics that are soft, of at least 1.5 yards or in bolts are also accepted.  Prints suitable for men’s quilts are needed most.

The Cover Girls meet 9 am every Tuesday in Room A of Bethany Lutheran Church of Norway, 130 Odill Drive.  Anyone is invited to stop in to say hello and thank the girls for the service they provide, or you might just want to jump in and try quilting yourself.